November 2021 VA Update

Hi Pilots,

This month brings a number of VA updates, which are detailed below.

Tour updates

This month brings a new tour, the Aegean- Olympic tour, taking you from Athens throughout Greece and the rest of Europe. The Discovery Tour series is also completed, a chance to fly to through our most popular airports on all continents.

The monthly tour takes you across the continental United States, through some of the busiest airports.

Native SimConnect support in VAS ACARS

The latest version of VAS-ACARS has native SimConnect support. This means it is not required to use FSUIPC anymore if you are using a FSX-based simulator, including Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you encounter any issues using FSUIPC to record or you would like simply like to use one less program in your simulator, you can change to recording using SimConnect.

To switch to SimConnect, open VAS ACARS and click the cog wheel in the top-right hand of VAS-ACARS. Click on Use for SimConnect, the change is applied immediately. The method is also shown in the video below.

The next features we are working on inside VAS ACARS are native X-Plane support and support for Linux and macOS.

Closing words

As always if you have any suggestions please let us know.

We would also like to remind you we have a Discord server. To join it, use