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April 2021 Tour

This tour is available from 1 Apr 2021 00:00 to 30 Apr 2021 23:59.

THY B738

Turkish Airlines Tour

Fly a mix of short domestic flights and long hauls throughout Africa, Asia, and North America on one of Star Alliance's largest airlines.


A321 NEO Tour

Fly the versatile A321 NEO on a variety of flights throughout Europe and the Middle East as well as some transatlantic journeys.

CTN A319

Balkans Tour

Take in the history and beauty of one of the fastest growing tourist regions - the Balkans.

Active Tours
B748 DLH

Star Alliance Hub Tour

This tour will pass through the most notable Star Alliance hubs.

UAL B789

Long-Haul Tour

Fly some of the longest scheduled flights traversing the world.

UAL Challenging Approaches Tour B739

Challenging Approaches

Canada Tour ACA B789

Canada Tour

UAL B739

USA Tour

AVA B788

South and Latin America Tour

Europe Tour SWR A319

Europe Tour

Fly throughout Europe during this tour.


Trans-Pacific Tour

We hope you enjoy these great, popular routes across the Pacific!


Africa Tour

Asia Tour ANA B77W

Asia Tour

This tour will take you on a journey through Asia.

AIC A319

Indian Subcontinent Tour

ANZ B789

Oceania Tour

Scandinavia Tour

Scandinavia Tour

Trans Euroasia Tour SIA B77W

Trans Eurasia Tour

Cargo Ops Tour

Cargo Ops Tour

Become a cargo pilot and fly around the world with various freighter jets.

THY B738 Red Bull Air Race Tour

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Visit the sites of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, as described by Herodotus, come across many noteworthy cities along the way.


China Tour

LOT B789

Trans-Atlantic Tour

The trans-Atlantic skies just became a lot busier with this tour! Fly between many major cities on both sides of the pond.

Shenzhen A320

Silk Road Tour

Travel from Europe to Asia on the Silk Road!

Aircraft Tours
737 Tour

737 Tour


777 Tour

AIC B788

787 Tour

A320 Tour

A320 Tour

A321 Tour THY

A321 Tour

SWR A333

A330 Tour

DLH A359

A350 Tour


Dash 8 Tour

UAL E175

E-Jet Tour


CRJ Tour


ATR Tour


737 MAX Tour

The B737 MAX is now beginning to fly again. Take a trip on the MAX today! Thanks to Paul Okwii for the tour suggestion.

Airline Tours

Air Canada Tour

Fly with Air Canada, Rouge, and newly merged Air Transat!

CCA B748

Air China Tour

Connect to just some of the many airports serviced by Air China, both domestic and international.

ANA A320

All Nippon Tour

BEL A332

Brussels Airlines Tour

Visit the heart of Africa with Brussels Airlines.

MSR A320

EgyptAir Tour

Discover ancient Egyptian temples and tombs as well as other great EgyptAir destinations throughout the Arab world and Europe!

LOT B789

LOT Tour

Visit several great Eastern European destinations as well as other popular LOT Polish routes!

SWR A333

Lufthansa Group Tour

This tour includes the three mainline Lufthansa Group members: Lufthansa, Austrian, and Swiss

SAS A320

SAS Tour

Fly in and out of Scandinavia to a variety of European destinations and a few long hauls as well!


Thai Tour

Trans Euroasia Tour SIA B77W

Singapore Airlines Tour

Fly on Singapore and subsidiaries Scoot and SilkAir!

TAP A320

TAP Air Portugal Tour

Fly in and out of the Iberian peninsula as well as some popular international destinations in South America and Africa.

UAL B789

United 2021 Tour

United Airlines tour focusing on long hauls! If you are interested in short United flights across North America, check out the USA tour and the current United tour.

EWG A319

Eurowings Tour

Visit some of your favorite holiday destinations with Eurowings! Hit the slopes near Milan and Lyon, relax at the beach in Greece and all along the Mediterranean coast, and ride a gondola through Venice.


Avianca Tour

CFG B753

Condor Tour

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