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An Extensive Route Network

With over 40,000 real-world routes fly where you want, when you want. There is always a route that fits your timetable.

Custom Flight Recording

Using our custom developed VAS-ACARS software your flight will be recorded, processed and scored.

Community Interaction

Use our forum, instant messaging and Discord to interact with fellow community members. Grow, learn and achieve with our integrated pilot career.

July 2019 Update Jul 12, 2019

Hello pilots, This month we have made various changes to the website. For example, we have added an...

June 2019 Update Jun 8, 2019

Hello Pilots, This month all airlines have been migrated to their respective summer schedule. If there...

May 2019 Update May 5, 2019

Hello Pilots, This month we have migrated to the summer schedule, and we will be continually updating...

April 2019 Update Apr 9, 2019

Hi pilots, You might have noticed there have been various changes throughout the VA. The most noticeable...

March 2019 Update Mar 4, 2019

Hi pilots, This past month we have made numerous changes throughout the VA. The flight scoring processor...

Pilots 182
Aircraft in Fleet 5,869
Routes 39,817
Total Flights 3,523
Pilot Joined Flight Time
vidar gunnes 4 months ago 819:56 hours
Sterling Paulsen 3 months ago 535:38 hours
Ian Warui 7 months ago 421:24 hours
Fayssal 5 months ago 385:49 hours
Riad Mohamed 5 months ago 383:44 hours
Jeannette Benoit 7 months ago 376:26 hours
Pascal Flohil 7 months ago 373:01 hours
Jesper Giling 4 months ago 371:45 hours
Yezad Anklesaria 7 months ago 351:58 hours
Dominik Fabianowski 7 months ago 297:14 hours