May 2024 VA Update

Hello pilots,

In this month's news update we will highlight some of the VA updates, as well outline future plans.

Schedule updates

All routes have been moved to the Northern Summer/Southern Winter flying season in the past few weeks. As part of this, we have reduced the number of duplicated routes which also results in more accurate departure and arrival times. If you notice any irregular flight times and/or missing routes after this time please let us know in the Discord server or in a support ticket.

Airline updates

As of the writing of this newspost SAS is expected to leave Star Alliance at the end of August 2024, and join the SkyTeam alliance in early September. This move will be replicated on the VA this means that after August 2024 SAS will no longer be part of this VA we are working to ensure that the impact of this move is minimal. Turkish Airlines subsidiary AnadoluJet has since rebranded to Ajet and this has been updated on the VA.

We will follow real-world events closely and keep you informed in these posts of future happenings.

Tour updates

We continue to work on updating our existing tours, and if you have tours that you would like to see do not hesitate to let us know!

The monthly tour takes you across the Africa. If you have any suggestions on tours you would like to see please let us know on Discord.

Closed airspaces

Current scheduled flight time durations may need to be amended due to longer flying times on account of closed airspace. We would recommend checking your route prior to departure especially if it crosses and known airspaces with known security warnings. A complete overview can be found here. If the great circle route of your flight crosses any airspace with known safety NOTAMs a notice is placed on your flight briefing page.

Please adhere to these closures when performing flights on the VA.

Event Updates

We are working on adding more events to our event calender. Please let us know via Discord what kind of events you would like to see! If you have other events on online platforms that you feel are a good match to include on the VA please let us know. To receive more frequent updates please subscribe to the Event Announcements notifications on our Discord server. Please check the Events page for more details, we hope to see you there!

Closing words

As always if you have any suggestions or questions do not hesitate to let us know.

We would also like to remind you we have a Discord server. To join it, use