Copa Airlines 533 CMP533 / CM533

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
HP-1539CMP B738 Keld Mogensen 7 months ago 0:58
HP-1726CMP B738 Gary Feddema 7 months ago 0:51 Flight Analysis
HP-1716CMP B738 Richard Chaplin 8 months ago 0:55 Flight Analysis
HP-1841CMP B738 Ivan Beliakov 8 months ago 0:52
HP-1533CMP B738 Connor Paul 8 months ago 0:52 Flight Analysis
HP-1726CMP B738 Miguel Angel Restrepo 8 months ago 0:50
HP-1849CMP B738 Lawrence Lai 9 months ago 0:51 Flight Analysis
HP-1526CMP B738 Daniel Stadtmueller 9 months ago 0:51
HP-1726CMP B738 Miguel Garcia Soto 9 months ago 0:53
HP-1539CMP B738 Sebastian Martinez Moncada 9 months ago 0:55 Flight Analysis
HP-1725CMP B738 Heine Vorster 9 months ago 0:57
HP-1526CMP B738 Thomas Hoenack 10 months ago 0:50
HP-1726CMP B738 Markus Fiering 11 months ago 0:53
HP-1533CMP B738 Erich Behm 11 months ago 0:50
HP-1853CMP B738 Detlef K. 11 months ago 0:56
HP-1534CMP B738 Wolfgang Snel 1 year ago 1:02
HP-1526CMP B738 pawel pacholczak 1 year ago 0:55
HP-1533CMP B738 pyae phyo paing 1 year ago 0:49
HP-1534CMP B738 Dani Isham 1 year ago 0:51
HP-1538CMP B738 Svetoslav Kobelev 1 year ago 1:01 Flight Analysis