Copa Airlines 418 CMP418 / CM418

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

1:56 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
HP-1718CMP B738 Adrian Danuleasa 1 year ago 1:32
HP-1855CMP B738 Cheng sir 1 year ago 1:26 Flight Analysis
HP-1539CMP B738 Marcelo Grohmann 1 year ago 1:30
HP-1723CMP B738 Carlos Marco 1 year ago 1:35
HP-1830CMP B738 Fernando Giraudo 1 year ago 1:26 Flight Analysis
HP-1843CMP B738 Stephen KILCAR 1 year ago 1:28
HP-1534CMP B738 Serkan Murt 1 year ago 1:25
HP-1538CMP B738 William Colovos 1 year ago 1:30
HP-1825CMP B738 Robin G 1 year ago 1:29 Flight Analysis
HP-1821CMP B738 Javier Fajardo 1 year ago 1:31
HP-1526CMP B738 David Majchrzak 1 year ago 1:45
HP-1725CMP B738 Leon Monteiro 1 year ago 1:26 Flight Analysis
HP-1712CMP B738 Fernando Varejão 1 year ago 1:22 Flight Analysis
HP-1720CMP B738 Conrad Edwards 1 year ago 1:28
HP-1534CMP B738 Jair Castillo 1 year ago 1:30
HP-1832CMP B738 Emmanuel Alvarez Vélez 1 year ago 1:31
HP-1534CMP B738 Michal Vu 1 year ago 1:33
HP-1526CMP B738 Luis Febres 1 year ago 1:26
HP-1533CMP B738 Ali Orak 1 year ago 1:26
HP-1823CMP B738 Kartikeya Gautam 1 year ago 1:32 Flight Analysis