Avianca 18 AVA18 / AV18

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
N796AV B788 XXXXXXX 1 year ago 9:01
N786AV B788 Cheng sir 1 year ago 9:00 Flight Analysis
N781AV B788 Bair Vambuev 1 year ago 9:23 Flight Analysis
N784AV B788 Gary Feddema 1 year ago 9:42 Flight Analysis
N784AV B788 David Majchrzak 1 year ago 9:25
N780AV B788 Kosta Markessinis 1 year ago 9:19 Flight Analysis
N784AV B788 Michal Vu 1 year ago 9:36
N780AV B788 Juan carlos Mendez Arrieta 1 year ago 9:10
N796AV B788 Miguel AR Santos 1 year ago 10:13
N791AV B788 Stephen KILCAR 1 year ago 9:47
N342AV A332 Josue Solis 2 years ago 10:10
N279AV A332 Luferja CELANDA 2 years ago 10:48
N784AV B788 Capt. Chatz 2 years ago 9:26
N780AV B788 Pedro Flores 2 years ago 9:15
N780AV B788 Detlef K. 3 years ago 10:02
N781AV B788 James Dunlop 3 years ago 9:45
N781AV B788 Gustavo Garcia 3 years ago 10:10 Flight Analysis
N780AV B788 Martin Holm Eriksen 3 years ago 9:52
N795AV B788 Camilo 3 years ago 9:30