Olympic Air 82 OAL82 / OA82

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

1:25 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
SX-OBI AT76 Ken Piccone 27 days ago 1:20
SX-OBN AT76 Carlos Marco 1 month ago 1:13
SX-OBI AT76 David Majchrzak 1 month ago 0:52
SX-OBI AT76 Mark Müncheberg 2 months ago 1:20 Flight Analysis
SX-OBK AT76 🛡️Luke Reich 2 months ago 1:16 Flight Analysis
SX-OBI AT76 Pedro Custódio 2 months ago 0:58
SX-OBI AT76 Maxim Lehmann 3 months ago 1:13
SX-OBI AT76 Michele Oscar Tona 3 months ago 1:14
SX-OBN AT76 Robin G 3 months ago 1:22 Flight Analysis
SX-OBK AT76 Hmoo Thingyan KoKo 3 months ago 1:21
SX-OBI AT76 Yoga Pratama 3 months ago 1:12
SX-OBI AT76 Mitchell Rothstein 4 months ago 1:18
SX-OBK AT76 Richard Chaplin 4 months ago 1:22 Flight Analysis
SX-OBL AT76 Conrad Edwards 4 months ago 0:53
SX-OBO AT76 Alexander Cerati 4 months ago 1:21 Flight Analysis
SX-OBI AT76 Luís Anacleto 5 months ago 1:30
SX-OBN AT76 Tiago Fiúza 5 months ago 1:14
SX-OBN AT76 Michael Haggar 6 months ago 1:17 Flight Analysis
SX-OBI AT76 michail papandreou 6 months ago 1:44
SX-OBN AT76 Rodrigo Cosis 6 months ago 1:39