Scandinavian Airlines 4627 SAS4627 / SK4627

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

2:00 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
SE-ROK A20N Brian Wheeler 2 months ago 1:52
EI-SIP A20N Adrian Lozano 2 months ago 1:30
EI-SCC A20N Jonas 2 months ago 1:36
SE-RZY A20N G-AZZA 2 months ago 1:30
LN-RGO A20N Min Lwin Kyaw1991 3 months ago 1:36
SE-ROX A20N Christoffer Andersson 3 months ago 1:30 Flight Analysis
SE-RUD A20N Alex Pilgrim 3 months ago 1:31
SE-ROE A20N Dan Iversen 4 months ago 1:40 Flight Analysis
SE-ROY A20N Kenneth Ng 4 months ago 1:36
SE-ROY A20N Booj Qork 4 months ago 1:36 Flight Analysis
SE-ROA A20N Dominik Fabianowski 4 months ago 1:33 Flight Analysis
SE-ROA A20N Ytallo Ponte 4 months ago 1:42
EI-SIP A20N Capt. Chatz 5 months ago 1:23
SE-ROX A20N Conrad Edwards 5 months ago 1:34
SE-RUA A20N Rasmus Hansén 5 months ago 1:44
SE-ROJ A20N Robert 5 months ago 1:28
SE-ROA A20N Tonny Christensen 6 months ago 1:46 Flight Analysis
EI-SIP A20N Gustavo Garcia 6 months ago 1:41 Flight Analysis
SE-ROA A20N KinChing Cheung 6 months ago 1:42
EI-SIR A20N Kevin Daniel Becerra Vargas 6 months ago 1:38