Olympic Air 355 OAL355 / OA355

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

0:45 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
SX-NAA A21N Joel 1 year ago 0:34 Flight Analysis
SX-NAH A21N Vasileios Boglou 1 year ago 0:30
SX-DGA A321 Gilles DURAND 1 year ago 0:39
SX-NAE A21N Matthias Kaestner 2 years ago 0:29 Flight Analysis
SX-NAC A21N Robert 2 years ago 0:34
SX-NAB A21N Janek 2 years ago 0:36
SX-DGB A320 Richie Johns 4 years ago 0:37