Asiana Airlines 301 AAR301 / OZ301

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

1:15 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
HL8004 A321 Carlos Marco 1 year ago 0:57
HL8279 A321 Miguel AR Santos 1 year ago 1:00
HL8279 A321 Dan Iversen 1 year ago 1:12 Flight Analysis
HL8039 A321 Mariusz P 1 year ago 1:03
HL8004 A321 Robin G 1 year ago 0:56 Flight Analysis
HL8018 A321 Cheng sir 1 year ago 1:09 Flight Analysis
HL8279 A321 Booj Qork 1 year ago 1:01 Flight Analysis
HL8004 A321 Luferja CELANDA 1 year ago 0:54
HL8004 A321 David Majchrzak 1 year ago 1:13
HL8038 A321 Thomas Hoenack 1 year ago 0:52
HL8074 A321 Tirtha Biswas 1 year ago 0:56
HL8265 A321 Fernando Varejão 1 year ago 1:02 Flight Analysis
HL7755 B772 Gustavo Garcia 1 year ago 0:59 Flight Analysis
HL8018 A321 ahmed elhadidi 1 year ago 1:04
HL8004 A321 Capt. Chatz 1 year ago 1:00
HL7775 B772 João Reis 1 year ago 1:02
HL7732 B772 Mayank Gehlot 1 year ago 0:48
HL8039 A321 William Colovos 1 year ago 1:08
HL7739 B772 Hmoo Thingyan KoKo 1 year ago 0:58
HL7732 B772 FREDERIC GERARD 1 year ago 0:47