All Nippon Airways 2177 ANA2177 / NH2177

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

1:25 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
JA69AN B738 Alexander Rowe 1 year ago 0:54 Flight Analysis
JA131A A21N Michal Vu 2 years ago 1:05
JA134A A21N Aung Win Htut 2 years ago 0:59
JA141A A21N CL 2 years ago 1:13
JA111A A321 Dominik Fabianowski 2 years ago 1:03 Flight Analysis
JA131A A21N Fernando Varej√£o 2 years ago 0:56 Flight Analysis
JA111A A321 Robin G 2 years ago 1:12 Flight Analysis
JA112A A321 Martin Rohan 2 years ago 0:50
JA132A A21N AFOOTREN jake 2 years ago 0:49
JA133A A21N Conrad Edwards 2 years ago 0:51
JA131A A21N Marko 2 years ago 0:53
JA132A A21N Eddy Crequie 2 years ago 0:57
JA111A A321 Davey Gurm 3 years ago 0:55
JA111A A321 bal singh 3 years ago 0:58
JA131A A21N Rijk van der Merwe 3 years ago 0:55 Flight Analysis
JA133A A21N Alexandre Drone 3 years ago 0:52 Flight Analysis
JA139A A21N dave tji 3 years ago 1:04
JA132A A21N Detlef K. 3 years ago 0:50
JA114A A321 Remigton Steel 3 years ago 0:58
JA114A A321 Nass Bons 3 years ago 0:59 Flight Analysis