Aegean Airlines 950 AEE950 / A3950

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
SX-NAH A21N Stamatis Tsolakidis 5 months ago 2:59 Flight Analysis
SX-NAD A21N Steven Vantomme 5 months ago 2:52
SX-NAF A21N Tonny Christensen 5 months ago 2:41 Flight Analysis
SX-NAH A21N Thomas Ecker 6 months ago 3:00
SX-NAA A21N Gary Feddema 6 months ago 2:59 Flight Analysis
SX-NAL A21N Lawrence Lai 6 months ago 3:05 Flight Analysis
SX-NAF A21N Cpt. Bax 6 months ago 3:06
SX-NAE A21N Keld Mogensen 6 months ago 3:03
SX-NAB A21N Mark M√ľncheberg 6 months ago 2:46 Flight Analysis