Avianca 248 AVA248 / AV248

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
N964AV A20N Kyaw Swa Han 1 year ago 5:28
N743AV A320 Willy Kamel 1 year ago 5:37
N280AV A332 Soe Htet 1 year ago 5:20
N974AV A332 Michal Vu 1 year ago 5:14
N520TA A319 Hmoo Thingyan KoKo 1 year ago 5:39
HC-CLF A319 Luís Anacleto 1 year ago 5:38
N422AV A319 Ricardo Carpinteiro 1 year ago 5:32 Flight Analysis
HC-CLF A319 Cheng sir 1 year ago 6:18 Flight Analysis
N519AV A319 Krishna Ananda Ekaputera 1 year ago 5:24 Flight Analysis
N557AV A319 Fabian Haueter 2 years ago 5:42
N280AV A332 Juan Manuel López Carrero 2 years ago 5:35
N974AV A332 Fernando Varejão 2 years ago 5:39 Flight Analysis
N342AV A332 Frederick Arisandi 2 years ago 5:20
HC-CLF A319 Ricardo Graiche 2 years ago 5:24
N422AV A319 Tirtha Biswas 2 years ago 5:41
N695AV A319 Suta W 2 years ago 5:24
HC-CLF A319 José Luiz do Carmo Silva 2 years ago 5:35
N280AV A332 João Reis 2 years ago 6:50
N279AV A332 Conrad Edwards 2 years ago 5:26