Eurowings 9641 EWG9641 / EW9641

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
D-ABZE A320 Janek 3 months ago 2:12
9H-AMM A320 Seth 4 months ago 2:14
D-ABHG A320 Oliver Matsalu 4 months ago 3:19
D-AEWM A320 Vladimír Beneš 4 months ago 2:10 Flight Analysis
9H-AMH A320 Kenneth Ng 4 months ago 2:30
D-ABDU A320 Bair Vambuev 4 months ago 2:08 Flight Analysis
9H-AMM A320 Thomas Zeinert 4 months ago 2:07
9H-AMH A320 Gustavo Garcia 4 months ago 2:26 Flight Analysis
D-AENA A20N Eric Heylen 5 months ago 2:11 Flight Analysis
D-AGWV A319 Sergejs Prokopenko 5 months ago 2:18 Flight Analysis
D-AENA A20N Der Joggel ✈🪂 5 months ago 2:33
D-AGWY A319 Booj Qork 5 months ago 2:20 Flight Analysis
9H-EUL A320 Dominik Fabianowski 6 months ago 2:22 Flight Analysis
9H-AML A320 Richard Chaplin 6 months ago 2:15 Flight Analysis
D-ABNK A320 Tonny Christensen 6 months ago 2:07 Flight Analysis
9H-EUR A320 Roberto Aaron Guevara 6 months ago 2:23 Flight Analysis
9H-EWH A320 Dan Iversen 6 months ago 2:25 Flight Analysis
9H-AMU A320 Tim Barber 6 months ago 2:29
9H-AMH A320 Yaseen thanveer 7 months ago 2:14
9H-AMU A320 Sarthak Ray 7 months ago 1:55